[David vs Goliath]


    David vs. Goliath

    The People of America vs. the Government

    Accountability vs. Immunity

    As our founders way back in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries left family, friends, jobs and their way of life in obedience to God, and came to "the Promised Land" to found a country free of tyranny, followed by brave men who shed their blood to obtain our freedom from English tyranny - to the men who bravely put on paper guidelines (called our Constitution) to keep us from tyranny, little did they ever dream that the year 2001 would see the country they gave their all to establish, our beloved America, under worse tyranny now than any of the tyranny they so bravely shed their blood to obliterate. Sad to say, the apathy now is more pronounced than then. Is it because we are using spiritual tools now and the former was a physical battle??

    Did you ever dream "the land of the free and the home of the brave" would have a government that is hell bent on destroying the working force that is the life blood of the nation??? Who needs Russia as an enemy?? God removed our scapegoat so we would have to look at our own evil. All government workers, no matter how good the intentions, are part and parcel of the cancer that is subtly eroding away all that made America a great nation.

    Can you see the deceit behind Bush's "giving" a pittance of tax money to us peons over ten years - as if he is doing us a favor?? I wonder how many people he is hiring to accomplish this little task that will make him look like a savior. Why does he not call off the dogs and abolish the income tax if he really wants to help free the people from a tyranny worse than Hitler?

    Will we see a civil war once more whilst yet the blood of the dead from the last civil war is still crying from the ground to be avenged?

    Recently we have had our newspaper returned to us by several people who say they are not interested in our court battle. My answer to that type of thinking is, "You damn better be interested in what our government is doing to our country."

    Germany had its head in the sand until it was too late and then the whole world had to suffer for their apathy. I say, "Shame on anyone who is 'fiddling while America burns'."

    Now to update you on the current civil war raging between the, get this, ORANGE COUNTY HEALTH CARE AGENCY. They call it "health care". The people representing this agency that I have met are interested in only one thing and that is harassing the people, badgering them into obeying codes made by people who have never had a business, kept a clean house or could give a hoot about the health of anyone, including their own.

    Let me quote a little of the attorney's memorandum sent to us. Remember, we are small like David, trying to free Orange County restaurants from unreasonable codes that have nothing to do with "health care" - codes that the people had no say in making.

    Please remember, we, the taxpayers, pay the salary of the attorneys that are used against us. So we not only pay our own attorney fees but you and I also pay the criminals', Newe and Freeman, attorney's fees.

    To show you how impossible it is to get a case into court, let me quote from the memorandum received from the criminals' counsel.

    "Plaintiff's second cause of action alleged violation of civil rights in subject to demur on the basis that defendant Newe and Freeman are immune from Plaintiffs allegations due to the fact that defendant's employees were conducting discretionary inspection of Piecemakers facilities".

    Now let me tell you in simple language what that is really saying. It is saying that if the OCHCA decides it is O.K. to burn in an oven the people they are given jurisdiction over for inspections, then the ones carrying out their duties are immune from any lawsuit. Does that sound extreme to you??? Hitler did not start his little plan except by subtle ploys, exactly like what is being done by our government.

    They have the nerve to call us "paranoid". I would like to see the one who wrote that sentence in our memorandum have a gun held to his head while the other hand is stealing his business and we would find out if he is "paranoid". We ask people if we can use their names when they tell us their horror stories and the answer is, "I am too afraid". Or, "I would rather close our candy counter than keep up the hassle."

    Another quote: "Such attempts to allege causes of action are also barred by governmental immunities."

    Now, let me ask you a question. Are you immune from any lawsuits that may happen your way?? Why are government workers protected when committing criminal acts?

    Let me explain what I understand about immunity. The OCHCA, because it supposedly is the employer is held responsible for its employees. Is not the one who pays the salary the employer?? Being as we, the taxpayers are the employer, then we have a say in what our employee does and in fact whether or not immunity is granted.

    Just another shocker!!!!! There are 48 deputies, two counsel assistants and one counselor - all getting salaries above average listed on the OCHCA stationery.

    Add that to the hired snoops who go around like the KGB seeing if we are all obeying the gestapo rules and you have a picture of a dictatorship society at work.

    If America is, indeed, the country we profess to be, then it is time we rid ourselves of all the government as we know it and start over.

    Marie Kolasinski