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NEXT DATE: Piecemakers Harvest Fair, Saturday, October 14, 2023
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Held twice a year, we fill the Piecemakers Country Store tree-lined parking lot with booths of America's best hand crafts artists and antiques and collectibles vendors for a special community fair. These events encompass the whole season from harvest through Christmas! The food is delicious accompanied by the best in live music. Parking and admission are free.

CLICK HERE to see the vendors who participated in the Christmas Festival held December 3rd, 2022!

CLICK HERE TO SEE A VIDEO of the Christmas Festival held December 1st, 2018!

The dates for this coming year, 2023, are:
October 14th, Saturday, Piecemakers Harvest Fair (Download application here.)
December 2nd, Saturday, Piecemakers Christmas Festival (Download application here.)
Vendors Note: These are juried shows. Demand to get in the show is very high, so please apply as early as possible to insure adequate consideration. If you are interested in being part of our Fair, please make arrangements for an interview or send pictures of your goods and an application form for the shows to:

    Piecemakers Country Store
    1720 Adams Avenue
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626.
    Attention: Joanna or Deborah
    (714) 641-3112

sign at Piecemakers Harvest Fair.
Harvest Fair 2015

We couldn't have asked for a prettier day than October 3rd - the unrelenting heat and humidity we have been experiencing even abated for a while! The show was full of beautiful booths including many new vendors,  lots of shoppers, great food, children's activities and the best in live music with Swingshift playing the afternoon and Piecemakers Band in the morning. See the pictures below! Click on any picture to enlarge.
Setting up booths at Piecemakers Harvest Fair.
sign pointing directions
Swing Shift band played at Piecemakers Harvest Fair.
Booths get set up in the early morning, shoppers come, music is enjoyed by all, and one-of-a-kind treasures are displayed for purchase.
Hand crafted ceramics handmade spatulas and other home decor items
original paintings and multi-media art
vintage and collectible dishes
handpainted scarves
original design onesies for infants
Paula's Plants booth
decorative and practical handmade soaps
original design jewelry and accessories from vintage makings
antique furniture, home decor items and utensils
original design knitted garments
garden art pieces
miniature birdhouses and succulent plants
Julie Zucker's "Tarnished Angels - Folk Art Dolls"
windchimes, bracelets and earrings made from vintage silverware
handcrafted pens and pencils
birdbaths created from vintage glass
handcrafted and embroidered little girls' dresses

Christmas Fair 2014

December 6th, 2014, was a crisp, clear day - perfect for Christmas shopping, winter food and the music of the season. Vendors booths were chock full of  beautiful hand crafted treasures and Piecemakers' talented teachers demonstrated techniques in tatting, book binding and ribbon embroidery. Live music was provided the entire day by Piecemakers Band.

Below are pictures from the day.
Click on any picture to enlarge.
beautiful day at Piecemakers
Shoppers at Piecemakers Christmas Fair
Piecemakers store front door
What a beautiful day to shop!
Young and old at Piecemakers Christmas Fair
Lunch and music at Piecemakers Christmas Fair
Piecemakers Band
Young and old came to shop, eat and listen to Christmas music.
Embroidery demonstration by Karen Fraser
Bookbinding demonstration by Mimi Halo
Needle tatting demonstration by Laurie Gillette
Demonstrations by Piecemakers teachers: Karen Fraser - embroidery, Mimi Halo - bookbinding, Laurie Gillette - needle tatting.
Jus Seasonal booth at Piecemakers Christmas Fair
Handmade quilts for sale at Piecemakers Christmas Fair
Christmas decorating items at Piecemakers Fair
Decorated walking canes booth
Rubberband shooters at Piecemakers Christmas Fair
Handmade Christmas decorations booth
A sampling of the booths at the fair.

Harvest Fair 2014

October 4th, 2014, could not have been a prettier day in Southern California, and at Piecemakers in particular. Artisans had set up booths with their beautiful hand crafted and vintage goods, the skies were blue and the weather warm. Several of Piecemakers' talented teachers demonstrated techniques in quilt making, doll making, fascinator hats and much more.

Live music was provided the entire day by Swingshift and Piecemakers Band, and the food was excellent. Below are pictures from the day.
Click on any picture to enlarge.

Shoppers at Piecemakers Harvest Fair 2014
Looking down the aisle at Piecemakers Harvest Fair
An overview of Piecemakers Harvest Fair 2014
An overview of the fair.
Halloween items for sale at Piecemakers Harvest Fair
Bear designer, pattern maker and teacher, Evelyn Penfield
Get outfitted for Halloween at Piecemakers Harvest Fair!
All kinds of Halloween fare and in the middle of it all, bear designer and teacher Evelyn Penfield in her Halloween costume posing with the store bear!
Wire-shaped plants at Piecemakers Harvest Fair.1
Nuno felted scarves and tops.
Unique hand cratfed birdhouses with succulent roofs.
Wire-shape plants for a beautifully sculpted addition to your home.
Nuno felted scarves and tops in "delicious" colors.
Unique hand crafted birdhouses with succulent roofs.
Harvest dolls at Piecemakers Harvest Fair 2014
Handmade quilts for sale at Piecemakers Harvest Fair
Hand knitted clothing and accessories for children at Piecemakers Harvest Fair
"Harvest" dolls at the Harvest Fair.
Hand crafted quilts and wall hangings.
Knitted accessories for children.
Swing Shift plays at Piecemakers Harvest Fair 2014.
Eating and listening to music at Piecemakers Harvest Fair
Piecemakers Band plays at our Harvest Fair
The crowds enjoyed a delicious lunch while listening to live music by Swing Shift and Piecemakers Band.
Piecemakers famous apple pie
Sloppy Joes, baked beans, coleslaw, nachos and more at Piecemakers food booth.
Olvera Street Tamales and Taquitos
Lots of good food to eat!
See pictures from past years' fairs.

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